Ellowyne Wilde

I started my collection with Ellowyne Wilde 2011 Essential  Four Redhead, who I re-named Amber, and months afterwards, I learned there was a Wilde Imagination doll already named Amber, and she's Ellowyne's 'frienemy'  DUH!

I recently got another Ellowyne (2008 Essential Blonde) who I re-named April.  My story is that my two Ellowynes are cousins - sort of like 'The Patty Duke Show', Amber is from the UK and April is from the USA.

I was lucky to find another Kirk's Folly tiara, so both girls have one now.  Amber rarely takes hers off!  Even girls who swear by their sense of ennui can't resist a tiara, after all it worked for Amy Farrah Fowler!

I think of Amber and April as a real 'girly-girls', so I wanted to make some ruffled fashions for them, but it takes forever to uniformly gather strips of fabric and work them into a dress. The thought of the time that would take, forced me to get out the ruffle attachment for my sewing machine. I've looked at that contraption for ages; scared to give it a try until I found this You Tube video that explained how to use it so well.  It is now my new favourite toy!


If you don't have a ruffle attachment, you generally multiply your bottom width by two and a half lengths to get a nice ruffle.  Multiply by three lengths for a  very full ruffle (like petticoats and net skirts).
FROM THE WILDE IMAGINATION WEBSITE:  Meet Ellowyne Wilde™ - With boredom as her greatest foe, Ellowyne Wilde suffers from chronic ennui, with just a touch of melancholy, but she’s just too tired to figure it all out. Ellowyne is not your typical fashion diva – but then again, who is? Designed by award-winning artist and designer Robert Tonner, Ellowyne comes to you eternally bored and ready to conquer the doll world…if only she had the energy.
Dress, waistcoat and
leggings made from
T-shirt fabric
4 Box-pleat skirt paired
up with a hand-knitted
top by Lel Bills
T-shirt dress in
a vibrant heart
Matching blazer
 and skirt set
Denim Handbag accented with Antique Lace
Amber's Gown was recycled from a lovely shirt by Monsoon that I purchased at a local charity shop - it hurt to cut up this top, but the result was worthwhile :)  I added a little bag and a gathered choker collar that fastens with a hook & eye.  The wrap was recycled from a gift ribbon that perfectly matches the dress.
Retro Mini Skirt
paired up with
a matching top
Denim Tote Bag with exterior pouch
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Ellowyne is sold by           Wilde Imagination - a Robert Tonner Doll company
Denim Jacket by Becky Colvin
Pink Sweater by Tonner for Tyler, but fits Ellowyne beautifully
Amber goes AMBO in cammo and ruffles
Summer Fashions
Lel is my "twin sister of a different mother" and she lives in Southern Wales and knits the most gorgeous doll fashions.  She and I bounce ideas off each other and test things out for each other.  She is such a talented knitter and her fashions are always knitted in all one piece rather than splicing together parts.
4-Pleat Box Skirt and cropped top - accessorised with a denim jacket by Becky Colvin, a Barbie scarf and a my denim bag with antique lace.  

The brooch is a magnetic earring.

The top crosses over in the back and I finished it with a blue button.  We don't see the back of our dolls that often, but I love this feature.